Ms. Vicky
Ms. Vicky United States
Ms. Vicky

Dear Nga,


Thank you for putting together our recent tour in Vietnam.  I asked Joanne why she chose to work with you.  Her answer: she contacted half a dozen tour companies and you were the most responsive and best organized.


Your tour was outstanding.  Every driver met us exactly on time and every hotel was incredible.  What made the hotels incredible was largely the people who worked there.  The people at the hotel in Hanoi were probably the best but all treated us with extreme courtesy.


Your company reminds me very much of the companies Joanne and I have created.  We have owned 7 businesses and still own 2 companies that manage our property portfolio.  We (and you) were very efficient and offered quality products and services at reasonable prices.  Tell the owner of your company that you are all doing a great job and that you are among his most valuable assets.


Warm regards,


Mike (& Joanne)